About Caribbean Sand Tray

Caribbean Sandtray Institute Ltd. (CSI) was developed and founded in August 2019 by Nidhi Kirpalani. The CSI believes that using the techniques of Sandtray Therapy and the Neuroscientific research behind the therapy, persons can heal through connection with themselves and others. As mental health professionals, we know about burnout and that feeling that something in the practice is missing. It is our goal to share this in-depth knowledge of Sandtray Therapy to heal as an individual, as a therapist, and as a support system for your own clients. The quick, positive transformation that we have experienced within ourselves and our clients makes us even more excited to share this with you! This is also why we want to bring the training to you, internationally and everywhere!

Meet Our Head Trainer

Nidhi Kirpalani is an ICST-P(#006), owner and founder of Caribbean Sandtray Institute.
She is a Clinical & Counseling Psychologist based in Trinidad and Tobago working in a child protection agency with kids, adults, families, foster care, adoption and doing forensic interviews. Nidhi’s private practice is primarily adults with symptoms of depression or anxiety, but over 90% reveal a history of trauma or abuse, especially sexual abuse.

Nidhi studied Clinical Psychology at the University of the West Indies and Counseling Psychology at the University of the Southern Caribbean. Nidhi loves seeing clients journey in the sandtray after becoming trained in Sandtray Therapy. As an international, she knows finding quality training, taking time off, and saving for travel is hard. That’s why she became an ICST-P in 2019 and strives that at CSI, we bring the training to you! Nidhi