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Upcoming Trainings

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Healing Childhood Trauma Using Sandtray Therapy
March 23, 2024, at 4pm EST

Free Virtual Training for Mental Health Professionals

Mental Health Professionals, or students of the Mental Health Profession, wanting to gain an introduction of sandtray therapy, the neuroscience of why we use it, and what you'd need to start doing sandtray therapy with kids or adults!

International Credentialed Sandtray Therapy Training - Levels 1 & 2
24th - 28th, April, 2024

Not sure if you want to do all four levels yet? This training includes the 2-day Level 1 Introduction to Sandtray Therapy and the 2-day Level 2 Neuroscience of Sandtray Therapy. Come learn the basics of sandtray and learn the tools to start or advance your practice. The training is in-person on the island of Trinidad and Tobago which includes a tour of local foods, snacks, and a beach tour or your choice of a spa package.

International Credentialed Sandtray Therapy Training - Levels 3 & 4
23rd - 27th, October, 2024

For those who want the full credential, walking out a confident therapist with tools for your successful practice, this is for you! Includes the full 15 hours case consultation that happens virtually, after level 2 ;  the full 2-days for Level 3; and the full 2 days for Level 4. Also included in this 50CE training is:

  • Your own wooden sandtray
  • Premium sand
  • 6 months access to an exclusive online training portal
  • Miniatures to start your practice
  • Personalized materials
  • And more beach and island tours!
Advanced Level Virtual Training : Re-wiring the Brain using Sandtray Therapy
23rd & 24th March, 2024, 12pm to 5pm  AT

This is a virtual 2 day training that will focus on using the neuroscience of resiliency, positive psychology, and self-compassion to re-write our internal script from negative to positive. Engage in this 2 day, 10 hour interactive training that helps identify your own limiting beliefs, and how to help clients who get stuck there, to move forward with joy. 

Cost: USD$250 earlybird
Regular: USD$300
The Neuroscience Series

A series of virtual 3 -hour workshops on the Neuroscience of : Trauma, Self-Compassion, Sandtray Therapy, and other topics that we have just nerded out on! Join us as we attempt to explore and simplify the neuroscience and engage in step by step processes for your clients healing journey.

Self-Compassion for the Empathic Professional

This 8 week healing group is for those who work in the helping industries (Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, etc) who may find themselves exhausted and over-burdened by the emotional pressures that exist with these jobs! This is especially for those individuals who describe themselves as Empaths and have interests in topics such as yoga, chakras, meditation, and gem stones.

Come learn the neuroscience of self-compassion, and the techniques to increase your own self-compassion and self-care while working in emotionally demanding jobs. Let’s mindfully practice shaping your mind, body and spirit for your higher purpose.

Options: Virtual or In-person on the island of Trinidad & Tobago

Registration will be opening soon

Past Trainings

Sandifest : Manifest your way through 2024
14th January 2024, at 6 PM CST

Ever started off your year off with goals and then found it difficult to continue till completion? This free live workshop is just for you! We will be using the neuroscience of manifestation along with the neuroscience of sandtray to prepare your mind and body for success. Come engage in Sandtray Techniques as we guide you through the key phases of co-creating with ease.

This is a FREE Sandtray Therapy Experience for Manifesting your Goals in 2024. It will be held virtually, via Zoom. Are you ready to manifest your 2024 Goals?

Looking forward to manifesting our dreams together at SandiFest 2024!

Free Live Online Intro to Sandtray Play Therapy with Children and Adults
2nd March, 2024, 5pm - 6pm AT

This FREE training is for those who are either new to Sandtray Therapy or want a quick refresher of the basics! Join us live as we share with you the neuroscience of why we use sandtray, how flexible the tools are across all age groups, and what you need to start working with your clients!

Registration will be opening soon