The Training incorporates four levels, all with Approved IAST Provider – Nidhi Kirpalani, ICST-P #006.

Level 1: Introduction to Sandtray Play Therapy (in-person 13 CEs)
Level 2: The Neuroscience of Sandtray Play Therapy (in-person 12 CEs)
Level 3: Advanced Case Consultation and Personal Work in Sandtray Play Therapy (in-person 13 CEs)
Level 4: Advanced Sandtray therapy course taught by IAST Approved Provider (in-person 12 CEs)
and 15 online case consultation hours with the same provider.

Level One: Introduction to Sandtray Play Therapy
This workshop is an introductory class to sandtray work within the play therapy setting. It will cover how to work with both children and adults in sandtray as well as specific methods and techniques.

Day 1
Based on the content of this workshop, I am able to:

  1. Gain knowledge of the history of sandtray work in play therapy.
  2. Understand the difference between sandtray and sandplay therapy.
  3. Have a basic understanding of materials needed for this work, such as miniatures, sand, and sandtrays.
  4. Understand and develop skills needed to process sandtray with adults.
  5. List 20 directives for sandtray work in play therapy provided by the instructor and create others when given case examples from the instructor.
  6. Work through several case studies of adults and gain an understanding of the process that occurred within the treatment. 7. Learn 10 themes in the sandtray, including those which indicate mental health concerns and healing.

Day 2
Based on the content of this workshop, I am able to:

  1. Analyze a live demonstration of the sandtray process and play therapy with a non-participant.
  2. Discuss demonstration using clinical tools learned in the sandtray process the previous day.
  3. Design 1-2 techniques to use in the sandtray therapy process from a particular theoretical orientation.
  4. Assess and critique personal processing skills in the sandtray while in pair exercises.
  5. Explain the importance of personal work within the sandtray as a tool to becoming an effective therapist through an experiential exercises.
  6. Discuss how to incorporate sandtray and play therapy into other models of therapy.

Level 4
Level Four will be discussed by the group within the Level One Training. It will be primarily based on the needs of the group and chosen by the end of Level Two, with majority vote. A detailed list of these topics will be presented to the group prior to attending the Level One Training. CSI is open to receiving suggestions for the group training at this time. Level 4 Topics Include:

  •  Trauma & Sandtray
  • Positive Psychology, Self-Care, Self-Compassion & Sandtray
  • Sexual Abuse & Sandtray
  • Working with Child Protection Agency; Foster Care; & Adotoption

The voted option will be submitted to the IAST for approval. IAST requires a minimum of 90 days for approval.

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